ccording to legend, Humans first came to the Western Continent of Shan Deral at the same time as the other races, approximately 2000 years ago, in the Great Exodus from the Eastern Continent. The reason for this Exodus is unknown, and historians have never been able to propose even plausible scenarios.

In current times the Human race is divided into eleven protectorates, all of which are part of The Ascendancy, led by the Emperor Mobius. In the north, on Nord Isle, is Nordfell, a bleak and harsh protectorate, subject to harsh cold winters and short summers. To the north-east is the protectorate of the island of Kiramu, while on the mainland opposite Kiramu are the protectorates of Fosner and Liranth. West of them, towards the Halfling protectorate, is the Human protectorate of Brimoa, with Sul lying to the south. South of Sul lies Khorobit, in the region close to the present capital, while the southern and eastern parts of Shan Deral are home to the Human protectorates of Keril, Rosyaye and Ren'tlic. Far to the south-east, isolated from the majority of Humans by the Thoom, lies the final Human protectorate of The Far Isles.

These protectorates are based upon the eleven ancient human kingdoms, first established well over 1000 years ago, and each with its own rich history. The earliest semi-historical

records, in the form of epic heroic verse, mention the kingdoms of Fosner, Ren'tlic and The Far Isles, and these three kingdoms are generally considered to be the most ancient. The original capital of Ren'tlic, Hyrios, the seat of the ancient High Kings, remains the second largest city of Shan Deral, surpassed only by the more modern capital of the Ascendancy, a city that remains nameless to this day, and called simply The Capital.

Humans range widely over the Western Continent of Shan Deral, and may now be seen in almost every part of the Land, from Nord Island to The Lakes, from the Lok'Groton Isles to the shores of the Great Western Desert. This was not always the case, as previously the extensive inter-species conflict served to keep Humans within the borders of the Human kingdoms. However, since the formation of The Ascendancy, the enforced peace has allowed a considerable expansion of Human trade and culture.

The history of the Human race is one of perpetual, bitter conflict. Kingdom fought kingdom, neighbour fought neighbour, and the concept of Human unity was, at most times, a foreign one. At times the other races were enlisted in the internecine Humans conflicts, thus demonstrating that each Human kingdom considered the other races as much allies as opponents; often, the real enemy was the Human kingdom next door. Periodically, strong kings would arise in one or another of the Human kingdoms and attempt, by force of arms, to unify the Human kingdoms under a single banner, usually with the ultimate goal of extending Human domination over all the other races of Shan Deral. Such attempts led to the two Unification Wars, bloody and grevious affairs, that accomplished little apart from harming relations between the races. These periodic upheavals are among the darkest and most shameful periods of Human history, but an understanding of them, and of their pivotal role, is crucial for an understanding of the history of Shan Deral. Yet remains to be discovered about these crucial periods. Today, Humans live in enforced harmony with the other races, and with each other, but divisions between the protectorates remain strong.

There is, as yet, a very great deal that is unknown about many of the major events of Human history, and much of the detailed history of the individual kingdoms has yet to be discovered. All contributions are welcomed.

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