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These history scrolls are constructed by
Kodo, Lorian, Math, Merlisk,
Odesseus, Skirwan, Sleipnir & Worg

This webscroll is a collection of historical information relating to the seven known major races and the world of Shan Deral. Included is a map of the world with notes and and some speculation about what lies beyond the known lands. There is a complete timeline of Shan Deral history, and much detailed information on the history of each race.

Dates - The year of Mobius' triumph over the Darshak is accounted Year 1 of the Ascendancy. The current date is around 550 or so, i.e., about 550 years later. The dates before Year 1 are labelled 50 BA, 100 BA, etc, where BA stands for Before Ascendancy.